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January 26, 2023

Spouse Visa Updates 2023 | Processing Time | Open Work Permit | Canada Updates 2023

Canada Announces Open Work Permits for Dependents

The open work permit eligibility is going to be expanded by Canada for the dependent children and spouses of principal applicants falling under the temporary employment program.

How Will The Canadian Government Make Open Work Permits More Accessible?

As per the announcement of the Canadian government, the open work permit eligibility will be expanded for the dependent children and spouses of applicants who came to Canada through the temporary employment program. It seems like this change is going to affect over 200,000 principal applicants.

Moreover, the government also mentioned that this expansion is going to have three separate phases. The first phase is going to affect foreign nationals who came to Canada through a high-wage stream of the International Mobility Program, Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, or the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.On the other hand, the second phase will affect the eligibility of dependents of foreign national workers belonging to the lower-wage stream, and lastly, the third phase is for the dependents of agricultural workers.

To Conclude

Considering the changes, open work permits will be expanded to the dependent children and spouses of principal applicants who came to Canada through a temporary employment program. Consequently, this would prove beneficial in supporting families in Canada while giving them an identity in Canadian society.

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