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October 30, 2022

Preparing Statement Letter For Partnership Visa

In today’s blog we will talk about how you can prepare a statement letter for your partnership visa for Australia.

According to the requirements of Australian partner visa application, it is necessary to provide a complete and detailed relationship statement. The details required to be added should be regarding how you both met, your daily routine, and your future plans.

A relationship statement plays a very important part in an application for your partner’s visa. You will get an opportunity to speak directly to the Case Officer to explain your relationship with your partner.

Both the applicant and sponsor have to write the statement which will be based on the points discussed further:

  • How you both met and the nature of your relationship
  • Your future planning details
  • Your shared commitments and details regarding the nature of your household

This statement will give the authenticity of your relationship. You will get a chance to brief your relationship and present a roadmap for your plans to the Case Officer. The officer will then be needed to place weight on your document to assure that it’s of a good standard.

Your document should be around two to three pages long. However, the length might depend on the completion of details and the situation of your relationship described in the document.

You may be able to see the samples or templates for your relationship statement with the help of a registered migration agent where you will be guided about how you can structure your document

Now let’s discuss some tips that will be needed for writing an effective relationship statement for your partner’s Australian visa.


It’s important to mention every bit of detail about your relationship with the Case Officer including the date when you met for the first time. Did it start by being friends before dating or if you dated each other previously but then get reunited again? And for how long you both knew each other before getting into a relationship.

You can provide brief details about each and everything and how it transitioned from being friends to a casual relationship and ended up in a committed relationship. Avoid getting embarrassed or feeling ashamed of telling details as it’s part of the process and this statement will be the only evidence to demonstrate that your relationship is genuine and long-lasting.


Another important thing to focus on while preparing your relationship statement is focusing on grammatical and spelling errors. It is important to mention every detail correctly including the name of the place, your partner’s name, and your family’s name. Re-check it again several times after getting it printed again to avoid any errors off-screen.


Explain your separation or long-distance phase that you might have experienced while being in a relationship. How did you both cope with the situation and what efforts did you both put in to maintain the relationship while living away?

It is required to mention all the details on the document for the Case Officer to examine your compatibility, separation period, the situation you passed through, and how you remain steady during your relationship. Did you arrange any live meetings every morning over a cup of coffee for more interaction and healthy relationships? Or if you stayed in contact with each other through texts or phone calls.


Explain your relationship’s development and how it became more serious. Did any specific incident happen ever or your partner helped you during your difficult time? Try to add all the details about the development of your relationship with your Case Officer as well as when you introduce your partner to your family and how they reacted.


Demonstration of your daily routine and the nature of your household should also be considered while preparing the related document. What are the responsibilities and house chores that you have split with each other and how do you do grocery shopping?

If you have kids or pets, how do you manage them and share their responsibilities? Don’t think of getting into too much detail if you share house responsibilities or cooking. It will add more authenticity to your document which will be helpful for your partner’s visa.


What kind of hobbies or activities do you both love to do in your leisure time? Do you go to the gym and work out together or have you been on a holiday to spend time with each other?

Explain every bit of your detail related to your daily life and routine with your partner.


It is necessary to brief you about your finances and how you both manage to meet the expenses of your living as a couple. Explain to them how you manage to deal with your financial commitments including credit cards, car loans, house rent, or shopping for groceries. Do you both have joint bank accounts or separate ones? And how do you handle saving money for the future?

However, this will help in getting the surety from the Case Officer about your relationship authority. In case, if one of you does not have an income, then you should explain how one manages to run the household.


Besides proving and describing your current relationship, it is also important to include your upcoming plans for the future with your partner. You can include your plans in terms of any holiday tour or getting married or having children in the next few years. You can also add your planning for large purchases including planning to get your own house too.


Add details telling about the invitations from your friends and family where you both were invited together. This will show that you both are recognized by all of your family and friends. Provide details about where you were invited including the date, venue, and what was the event.


It is needed to explain the duration of your relationship to make sure the dates mentioned are accurate to them. The required length and duration of time should be kept in mind while preparing the document. However, in the end, don’t forget to add your anniversary or other important date being a couple.

Using bullet points before drafting the final document will be much more effective for you so you will not forget anything to include in your visa relationship statement. Keep in mind that both the applicant’s and sponsor’s statements shouldn’t consist of any sort of contradictory information. Re-check your drafted document, especially dates, event names, or any timeline for the events mentioned.

Case Officers are allowed to ask you any kind of general or detailed questions as long as it is concerned and will help them in getting surety of your relationship with your partner.

The officer can even sometimes contact you via phone call and ask you about the nature of your relationship, so you just need to be prepared.

In case, if your interview has been scheduled over a phone call then the case officer might question you with very basic and detailed household nature questions including which side of the bed you usually sleep on.

However, if the interview is in person, he can ask you about the identity of your partner’s family members by showing you their photographs.

This is the end of today’s blog update. We hope you found this blog useful. Please don’t forget to support us by subscribing to our newsletter and sharing this blog with your friends and family on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

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