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Australia to allow thousands of migrants to fill their labor gaps

In today’s blog, we will be talking about Australia allowing thousands more migrants to fill labor gaps.

According to the Australian workforce Census data, there is a rapid increase in the demand for migrants in Australia to fill the skills gap in the field of IT and nursing.

As per the data, due to some major changes undergone in Australia’s Workforce, the country has become more dependent on the skills of migrants than it was before.

According to the data, nearly 40% of nurses working in Australia were overseas-born. According to the experts, attracting more overseas healthcare workers to Australia will help in maintaining the healthcare industry of Australia.

In the same way, other IT professions including software programmers, system analysts, and IT Project managers are highly demanded in Australia. This would be a great opportunity for all tech workers to migrate to Australia.

What Opportunities are Available for Australian Migrants?

According to the skills priority list of Australia’s National Skills Commission 2022, around 286 occupations are facing a shortfall in Australia in 2022  compared to 153 occupations in 2021.

Currently, the highest-demanded occupations in Australia are software programmers, nurses, construction managers, care workers, and child care workers. There are approximately 9,226 total vacancies for registered nurses and 7,841 vacancies for Software and Application Programmers.

According to an immigration draw held on 6 October, it was also observed that engineers also have a high demand in Australia besides health workers and architects especially. They are as follows:

  • Aeronautical Engineers,
  • Agriculture Engineers,
  • Biomedical Engineer,
  • Chemical Engineer,
  • Electrical Engineer,
  • Electronic Engineer,
  • Industrial Engineer,
  • Mechanical Engineers

Is Australia Expecting To Welcome More Immigrants?

The Australian government stated last month that they expect to raise the annual migration intake by 35,000 positions and invest $36 million to manage visa backlogs.

The following year, more than two-thirds of Australian migrants are to come from the seven variants of Australian skilled visas.

In Australia’s Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List, there are 44 occupations. These occupations are as follows:

In the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List of the Australian Government, 44 occupations registered along with electrical engineers include Nurses, Software and Application Programmer, ICT, and Business and system analysts.

What Can You Expect From Migrating To Australia?

Australia is considered a global attraction for immigrants. It is one of the most captivating and appealing destinations in the world for the migration of people.

Almost all pandemic restrictions have been removed and the economy is returning back to its normal state.

This is the right time if you are willing to move to Australia and resume visa application processing.

From free healthcare and free school education to high living standards and economic stability, Australia is the most desirable place to migrate for a better living.

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