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Reason For Refusal Of Australian Student Visa

The Government of Home Affairs could decide to refuse to grant student visas to international students if they don’t meet the requirements of the course they are going to study or haven’t provided the required documents at the time of lodgment.

The grant rate of student visas in the last quarter of 2021 was 90.9%. It means every 1 out of 10 international students was refused the grant of a student visa to study in Australia.

However, In the Vocational Education and Training Sectors, the grant rate for international students was comparatively lower, less than even 70%.

During the first half of the 2021-2022 program year, among the top 15 citizenship countries, visa grants were increased up to 14.3% for Vietnam and 7.0% for Indonesia.

Out of the total number of student visas granted, around 23.2% were granted to the nationals of China followed by 18.6% to the nationals of India.

What Are The Key Reasons Behind The Refusal Of Student Visas?

The main reasons for student visas getting rejected are as follows:

  • Intentions for the temporary stay in Australia (GTE)
  • Financial Stability
  • Registration of Course

Genuine Intentions For The Temporary Stay In Australia (GTE)

The Department Of Home Affairs should be satisfied with your genuine reason for staying temporarily in Australia and your acceptance of considering the following visa conditions:

  • The Situation/Circumstances In Your Country

DOHA will investigate your reason for coming to Australia to study rather than choosing to study in your own home country. Factors related to your economy and all kinds of interpersonal relationships out there in your home country will also be considered a top priority.

Also, any kind of military commitment services or political or civil unrest in your home country will be examined too during the process to grant your student visa.

  • Your Potential Condition In Australia

The Department will assess the incentives that you would hold to stay in Australia. For example connections with family and the community, your knowledge about the course you will be studying in and the understanding of the way of life in Australia.

  • Worth Of Your Course In Future

You will be required to show that the course you’re undertaking is compatible with your current education level. Also, your planned course of study is consistent with your former education.

  • Your Previous Studies

Your previous study and educational experience will also be one of the main factors in considering the grant of a student visa as DOHA will look for the benefits and compensation the country will be getting in return as a result of obtaining a renowned qualification from Australia.

  • Your History Of Immigration

Your history of immigration will also be considered by DOHA  including any kind of visa refusals or cancellations in the past. The department would also assess if you have an ongoing residence in Australia with a series of inexpensive and short courses or even if you have been there without completing your education successfully.

Financial Stability

If you are willing to apply for a student visa to study in Australia, it is important to be financially stable

You must have enough money and resources to pay your course fee and be able to bear the travel and living expenses.

Registration Of Course

It is necessary to mention your current Confirmation Of Enrolment (COE) for each of the study courses along with your visa application for a student visa.

However, other attached evidence that can be used during your visa application enrollment includes:

  • Your AASES form for secondary exchange students
  • A support letter from DFAT or Defence with the details regarding your intended course to study
  • Postgraduate letter of your thesis marking issued by a relevant certified Australian education provider.

What Are The Requirements For the English Language?

The requirement for the English language is an important part of the process of a student visa. If you are not able to provide relevant proof with the documents for your English language, your student visa application will not be approved.

The evidence should include a successfully completed specified English language test with the minimum test score required within the last 2 years of applying for the student visa.

Some of the English Language tests that are acceptable are as follows:

  • Occupational English Test (OET)
  • TOEFL iBT (Test of English as Foreign Language Internet-Based Test)
  • PTE Academic or
  • Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) test (Certificate in Advanced English)

However, the exemption will be granted to the citizens of the following countries:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • The Republic Of Ireland
  • Or if you have completed a minimum of 5 years of education in above mentioned countries or in Australia or South Africa.

Requirement For Health Insurance

This is another important requirement for a student visa by The Department Of Home Affairs to ensure that international students are able to bare all kinds of health expenses that may be needed for medical and hospital care in Australia.

However. it is necessary to add proof for the arrangement of health insurance during the stay. Proof can be in the form of payment of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

Fake Or Deceptive Document

Any kind of document which is suspected to be fake by the department is considered a Bogus Document. Documents that might be seen as bogus are as follows:

  • A counterfeit or altered document by an unauthorized person
  • Received due to any misleading statement that might or not might be made knowingly.

You have to prove your identity by providing the right information along with your application in order to avoid visa refusal. Your visa application might be refused by the department due to failure in satisfying Public Interest Criterion (PIC) or in case if any of the family members have mistakenly attempted the following things:

  • Not provided proper evidence for proving your identity
  • Submitted bogus or false documents causing misleading in your visa application
  • Providing bogus or false documents that were held 12 months prior to submitting the application

What Are The Health Requirements?

While applying for a student visa to Australia, the applicant is required to meet the health requirements to be granted the student visa. The following are the health requirements needed to ensure:

  • The Australian population is safe from all kinds of public health and safety risks including tuberculosis.
  • Australian Government has access to manage the amount of money to spend on various services including social security benefits, allowances, and pensions
  • The citizens and permanent residents of Australia can get easy access to health and community services within a short period of time.

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