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Canadas Latest Immigration Update New Express Entry Invitations Revealed

Canada Opening Doors for Skilled Trades

Canada has announced the first-ever Express Entry invitations for migrants with experience in the skilled trades?




Canada’s Express Entry system is currently customized to deliver an efficient and well organized immigration route for migrants with experience in critical fields. By ranking the invitation of skilled newcomers with expertise in the trades, Canadian Government plans to meet the growing demand for talent and fill vital positions that influences Canada’s economic advancement and growth.


On 31 May 2023, the previous Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Honourable Sean Fraser, stated modifications to Express Entry through category-based selection. These modifications help tackle labour shortages that backs an identified economic objective by inviting applicants with specific work experience or French language ability to make an application for permanent residence in Canada.



On 1st July 2023, the new Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Honourable Marc Miller, announced that the very first trades round for category-based selection will commence this week. This emphasises on migrants from across the globe with trades expertise which includes plumbing, carpentry, and welding. Please keep in mind that this will help Canada’s construction segment and attract the skilled talent it needs nationwide.


Category-based selection indicates Canada’s commitment to entice top global talent and assist fulfil the need for migrants with trade expertise to help Canadian economy. The good news is that these category-based selection rounds will carry on all through the year, together with general invitation rounds, and more information will be published in the coming weeks.

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