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Unlocking Opportunities How Canada Welcomes International Workers

Canada: A Heaven on Earth for International Migrant Workers

Welcome back to our blog. In today’s Canada Immigration Blog update we’ll be going through the huge impact on Canadian Immigration due to the recent Tech Talent Strategy announced by IRCC to attract H1B Visa holders.




Did you know that Canada is undergoing a huge inflow of highly skilled migrant workers, mainly from the US. The Government of Canada’s initiative to entice foreign high-tech workers by providing them Canadian visas was so fruitful that the application process had to be shut inside 2 days.



Former Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser announced the Tech Talent Strategy which provided an opening for U.S. H-1B visa holders to live and work in Canada.


Surprisingly, the response was prodigious, with 10,000 applicants hastening to take benefit of the offer. This haste of US migrant skilled workers to Canada is a strong signal of the discontent with the U.S. immigration system among immigrant engineers and scientists. While there are worries about the pressure on the housing market because of the increased immigration, furthermore it should be noted that the political tension in Canada is considerably less compared to the US.

This inclination of US migrant skilled workers on H1B Visa moving to Canada is a testimony to the country’s friendly immigration rules and its charm as a destination for international talent.


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