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How the 8607 Visa Condition Affects 482 Visa Holders

The 8607 visa condition states that Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) Visa subclass 482 holders must obtain a newly approved nomination if they want to switch their occupation instead of only the employer. Moreover, they should get a new visa before starting their job in the new profession.



Let’s look at the key factors of the 8607 visa condition.

– TSS visa holders are only allowed to work in the occupation they were nominated for in the application for their subclass 482 visa.



– TSS visa holders have to work for the one who nominated them. They may also work in a certain position in that individual’s business. It all depends on the status of the nominating entity and the stream of the subclass 482 visa.

– There are exceptions if the nominated occupation is specified in an instrument by the Minister or the visa holder is meeting a requirement of industrial relations law regarding notice.

– According to the 8607 visa condition, TSS visa holders must start working within 90 days of arriving in Australia or 90 days after receiving their visa if they were already in the country.

– The period of unemployment cannot be longer than 60 consecutive days in case the TSS visa holder loses their job.

– In case the holder needs mandatory authorization or a legal document for the nominated occupation, like registration, membership, or license, they can easily obtain it. However, they must comply with its conditions at all times. TSS visa holders are also advised to inform Immigration if their application for authorization is refused, cancelled, or revoked.

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The TSS visa subclass 482 is specifically designed to fill temporary skill shortages in the Australian labour market. Needless to say, it can effectively address shortages of skilled workers in specific occupations.

The TSS visa was introduced in March 2018 as a replacement for the subclass 457 visa. It introduced an exceedingly targeted and streamlined framework for sponsoring foreign skilled workers. The TSS subclass 482 visa has three streams;

– Short-Term stream

– Medium-Term stream

– Labour Agreement

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