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GSM visas Points test set for BIG Changes, open for submissions ~ Australia Immigration News

GSM visas Points test set for revamp, open for submissions

The Australian General Skilled Migration (GSM) visas, including the subclasses 189, 190, and 491, require applicants to pass a points test. These points are crucial for securing an invitation to apply for a visa.

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Upcoming Changes and Submissions

A recent review criticized the current points test for not effectively identifying the most promising candidates to contribute long-term in Australia. As a result, the GSM points test is set for a revamp. The Australian National University is spearheading this review, with submissions open until May 24, 2024.
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Recent Modifications and Future Directions

Changes to the test since July 2022 include lowering the age cap for applicants, introducing a partner skill points category, and adjusting points for regional studies and certain visa nominations. The forthcoming review aims to refine the selection criteria further, potentially emphasizing factors like age, English proficiency, and Australian work experience.


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This overhaul intends to enhance the effectiveness of the points system in selecting migrants best suited to meet Australia’s labor market needs.

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