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Essential Information How to Obtain a Citizenship Certificate CIC NEWS 2023

How Can You Apply For A Canadian Citizenship Certificate?

Usually, adults with Canadian parents submit applications for proof of citizenship to confirm their eligibility for a Canadian citizenship certificate. Applicants can ask their Canadian parents to apply on their behalf or do it themselves.



IRCC demands proof to confirm that at least one parent was a Canadian citizen at the time of the child’s birth. You can use different documents for proof, such as a Canadian citizenship card, birth certificate, or Canadian citizenship certificate. This is a particularly important point to note since citizenship by descent is currently restricted to Canadian parents who gained citizenship by naturalization or birth. Plus, Canadians who obtained citizenship by descent cannot transfer their status to their children unless they were born in Canada.



You can apply online for proof of citizenship or submit a paper application.

You will incur a total cost of $75 CAD for this application.

IRCC will review your application to confirm that it’s complete, after which you will get an ‘acknowledgement of receipt.’ In case your file has complications, IRCC will contact you to ask for more information or additional documents. Moreover, IRCC takes longer to process complicated applications.

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