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Applying for Canadian citizenship if you were born outside of Canada

Apply For Canadian Citizenship

You could be eligible for Canadian citizenship if you were born in another country, but one of your legal or biological parents at birth was a Canadian citizen. You are required to submit proof of Canadian citizenship application to the Canadian government. This also refers to applying for a Canadian citizenship certificate. It is the only document, other than the Canadian birth certificate, that passport Canada accepts as proof of Canadian citizenship.



Canada restricts citizenship by descent to the first generation born in another country or to a Canadian parent. You can go for a Canadian citizenship certificate at any point in your life. It doesn’t matter if your Canadian parent is alive or deceased.



How Can You Apply For A Canadian Citizenship Certificate?

You have to download the application package from the official website of IRCC to apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate. The application costs a fee of CAD 75.

IRCC demands evidence to show that at least one of your parents at birth was a Canadian citizen.

Here’s a list of the documents widely accepted as evidence;

  • Your parent’s Canadian citizenship card
  • Your parent’s citizenship certificate
  • Your parent’s birth certificate

You can use the IRCC’s website to submit your online application. You will get an acknowledgement of receipt after IRCC receives your application. Consequently, Your application is reviewed and processed.

Processing time is different for everyone based on their personal circumstances. But you can track the processing status of your application online. Furthermore, IRCC could ask you to provide more evidence.

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