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Canadian citizenship celebration

Canada Kicks Off Citizenship Week To Celebrate Canadians

Did you know Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) celebrates Citizenship Week every year to commemorate new Canadian citizens? The idea is to reaffirm the meaning of being a Canadian.



Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Sean Fraser recently announced the start of Citizenship Week from 22 May to 28 May 2023. Interestingly, he will be going to different citizenship ceremonies held in Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Vancouver, and Halifax.



Canada is all geared up to grant entry to thousands of new Canadian citizens. Needless to say, citizenship ceremonies are a pivotal point in a new citizen’s life, and such milestones deserve celebrations. It confirms their ability to hold all the responsibilities and rights as Canadians.

Everyone can attend citizenship ceremonies across Canada to celebrate Citizenship Week. Canadians can also become a part of the live stream from Halifax on 24 May. It should be noted that IRCC has worked hard to make its services technologically advanced. As far as citizenship is concerned, the department has achieved several milestones through virtual citizenship ceremonies, online testing, and online application trackers.

What’s interesting to note here is that Canada surpassed its citizenship goals by granting entry to nearly 364,000 new citizens last year. Now Canada has granted entry to 85,000 new Canadians during the first quarter of 2023. While Indians make up for the highest fraction of new citizens, individuals belonging to Nigeria, Iran, the Philippines, China, the US, the UK, and Pakistan contributed to 54% of this figure.

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