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Current Updates On U.S. Visa Services

Current Updates On U.S. Visa Services

Trending Immigration Weekly Updates

Today we will be talking about the top trending immigration weekly updates that you must know.

Laid-Off Workers to Lose Rights To Remain In the US

In recent weeks, top social media platforms including Twitter, and Facebook have dismissed thousands of employees. This has enabled a high risk to all the legal rights of foreign workers to stay in the United States.

Laid-off employees with the H-1B work visa are given 60 days to either change their status with a different visa or leave the US or return to their homeland to find another company.

Mark Zuckerberg stated that this layoff has been “especially difficult” for all the employees with work visas and that Facebook will offer Immigration support to all laid-off workers.

Massachusetts To Allow Undocumented Immigrants To Get Driving Licenses

Residents of Massachusetts voted to endorse the law of allowing all undocumented immigrants to receive driving licenses from their state.

As per the law which will come into effect in July 1, all undocumented immigrants are eligible to apply for a driving license if valid identification is provided.

US Naturalizes Military Members In Honor Of  Veteran’s Day

Up to 3,900 veterans, service members, and their spouses were naturalized by the USCIS in honor of Veterans day during 50 Oath of Allegiance ceremonies across the country.

Military members are also eligible to apply for citizenship almost after one year of service.

According to government data, around 8,800 military members were naturalized by the USCIS during the Fiscal year 2021, This was a 90% increment from the FY 2020.

Prenatal Care Challenges For Immigrant Minority

The American Medical Association’s new study found continuous differences regarding access to prenatal care for individuals with different immigration status.

It has been analyzed that up to 6 million people including 400,000 immigrants in the US are being provided with prenatal care. Immigrant parents are less likely to receive proper prenatal care on time as compared with US Citizens.

According to research, it’s important for both the parent and child to receive proper prenatal care. The absence of good prenatal care can cause health-related issues in the long run.

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