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US Immigration Weekly Recap HUGE GOOD NEWS 31 May 2024 US Immigration Reform

US Immigration News Weekly Recap. May 2024

In today’s Blog update, we’ll talk about this week’s round-up of the biggest, need-to-know US immigration news. So we highly Suggest you to read the full blog and share.

Biden’s New Border Policy Initiative

President Biden is considering a significant executive order aimed at curtailing the number of asylum seekers able to cross the U.S.-Mexico border. Leveraging Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, the president believes this move is essential for safeguarding national interests. This potential policy adjustment is set to be announced by the end of April, marking a critical shift in border control measures.

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Legislative Moves Against Non-citizen Voting

In political arenas, House Speaker Mike Johnson, supported by former President Trump, is advancing a bill to prohibit non-citizens from voting in U.S. elections. Despite Trump’s unfounded claims of voter fraud in the 2020 elections, the bill reinforces existing laws that already prevent non-citizens from voting in federal and state elections.


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Immigrants as Catalysts for Economic Growth

Recent studies underscore the vital role of immigrants in driving U.S. labor force and population growth. With the native birth rate declining and an aging workforce, the addition of approximately 2 million foreign-born workers last year has been pivotal in mitigating labor shortages across various sectors.

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Green Card Backlog: A Crisis for Indian Professionals

Over 1.2 million Indians are caught in a severe backlog for employment-based green cards, facing a lengthy wait for U.S. permanent residency. This backlog not only affects the professionals but also places their families in a prolonged state of uncertainty.

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Efficiency Boost in Immigration Courts

The Biden administration is rolling out a new initiative to expedite court cases for some migrants caught at the border. Targeting cities like Atlanta and New York, this program aims to process asylum claims within 180 days, addressing the backlog in immigration courts.

Public Opinion on Immigration Detention

A new poll reveals that about half of U.S. voters oppose the use of detention camps for immigrants awaiting deportation. This sentiment reflects broader concerns over immigration policies, especially as the country approaches another presidential election with immigration as a central issue.

These developments highlight ongoing debates and policy changes in U.S. immigration, reflecting the complex interplay between national security, economic needs, and humanitarian concerns.

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