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Weekly Roundup Of US Immigration November

Weekly RoundUp of US Immigration

In today’s blog we’ll be highlighting recent immigration updates that can affect your immigration plans.

Let’s start with the big news.

1-    Flu Shots For Migrants in Custody

For the first time in history, the US is offering flu shots to migrants who are detained for crossing the US – Mexico border.

Since the policy went into effect on September 28, around 24,000 migrant adults and children have been vaccinated in custody.

It is a win for the public health experts who have been calling on the government to make flu shots available to migrants.

2-    1.45 million Immigrants To enter Canada By 2025

The government of Canada has announced its plans to bring in 1.45 million immigrants to counter the country’s crippling labor shortage by 2025.

The goal of Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan is to hire immigrants to fill 1 million job vacancies in the manufacturing, engineering, health care, and trades which have been hit the hardest by a labor shortage.

3-    Immigration Reform To Big Tech

To bring in foreign talent, US business owners, and tech leaders have been pushing Congress to pass the law which is to fund scientific and semiconductor research in America.

Tech giants like Google and Amazon have been pushing for immigration reforms to bring semiconductor manufacturing back to the US.

With the CHIPS and Science Act signed earlier this year, the global stronghold of the US on innovation was expected to strengthen but the government’s unsuccessful implementation is making tech leaders face a ticking clock to bring about any change.

4-    Migrant Crisis On The Rise

The sudden influx of migrants to Democratic states is causing challenges for public housing and education sectors in that area.

The move to transfer migrants in response to the Biden administration’s border policies by conservative governors is pushing the states to adapt to a change they might not be fully prepared for.

In New York City alone, the influx of migrants has caused the public school system to integrate thousands of new migrant students from the Texas area. This has caused more strain on the school administrations which were already struggling to meet the expectations to support immigrant students.

Let us know your opinion on how these changes are going to affect the immigration status of the countries.

This is the end of today’s blog update. We hope you found this blog useful. Please don’t forget to support us by subscribing to our newsletter and sharing this blog with your friends and family on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

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