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UK Introduces ETA For Canadian Tourists

Canadian tourists planning to visit the UK will need to set an extra amount aside for their journey from 2024 since the UK government wants to introduce the Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) system.



ETA System Will Strengthen UK Border Security

According to an official announcement, the ETA system will fortify the security at UK borders by introducing robust security checks pre-travel. Interestingly, Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick shed some light on the potential of ETAs in strengthening border security. It offers a deeper understanding and control of individuals planning to come to the UK.



Who Needs To Obtain An ETA To Visit The UK?

The British government confirmed that an ETA is mandatory for visitors coming from visa-exempt countries, such as Canada and the US.

Click here to view the complete updated list of eligible countries.

Furthermore, ETAs are necessary in the following situations;

  • An ETA is a must for tourism, visiting friends and family or going to the UK for up to six months for business or education purposes.
  • It is mandatory if you are going for a Creative worker visa concession of almost three months.
  • ETA is needed even if you are only on transit through the UK without crossing UK border control.

There are a few exceptions for British and Irish passport holders. Plus, there are also exceptions for people with permission to live, work, or study in the UK.

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How Much Does An ETA Cost?

The cost of an ETA application has been fixed by the UK government at £10 per applicant, which adds up to C$16. The price is expected to not put a lot of restraint on the budget of the majority of travellers.

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