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IRCC Extends The Pilot Program For Overseas Workers For Another 2 Years

IRCC’s recent announcement suggests it is extending the Agri-Food Immigration pilot program while removing occupational caps for program participants.



That’s right; Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has confirmed that the Agri-Food Pilot Program will continue to run until 14 May 2025. For those who don’t know, this program was launched to help experienced workers in the food and agricultural industries transition to permanent residency in Canada.

Plus, the Immigration Minister also mentioned the removal of the annual occupational caps. According to IRCC, lifting such restrictions will make it easier for highly qualified candidates to apply. IRCC is expected to introduce more changes by the end of the year.

Furthermore, the department plans to implement new changes to the pilot in different stages.

For instance, family members of the pilot program participants will be allowed to seek open work permits, irrespective of the candidate’s skills and job. In addition to this, unions will be permitted to vouch for the work experience of candidates, treating it as an alternative to employer reference letters.

Moreover, applicants living in Canada will either have to fulfill the job offer requirement, including the median wage requirement or meet the education requirement, which includes an education credential assessment verification.

Don’t forget the pilot will soon begin accepting work experience acquired through an open work permit for vulnerable workers to give them an opportunity to qualify.



It should be noted that the application deadline for the pilot program was previously going to expire on 14 May 2023.

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