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Future of Canada Immigration Biggest Changes in Express Entry Revealed in Bill C 19 for Canada PR

Canada Introduces New Permanent Residency Pathway For International Skilled Workers

The Canadian Federal government is launching a different procedure to offer a new permanent residency pathway to international skilled workers. This is being done to tackle the issue of filling labour vacancies in Canada as soon as possible.



In addition to this, IRCC recently explained how immigration is the key to overcoming the labour shortage in the country.



The Government of Canada is aware of the significance of immigration, which is why it is creating a system to fuel growth and empower businesses by fulfilling their labour needs. Plus, the government hopes to strengthen local French communities.

The new category-based selection for potential permanent residents introduced in Canada’s Express Entry program will send invitations to apply to applicants who have a special set of skills, work experience, and language proficiency.

Candidates with good proficiency in the French language or work experience in healthcare, trades, STEM professions, agriculture, transport, etc., are likely to receive an invitation under this program.

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The Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser talked about how these changes to the Express Entry program will help businesses get enough skilled workers needed to grow and triumph.

He also mentioned immigration can prove highly responsible for economic growth and solve the issue of labour shortages for businesses. Plus, The department aims to promote French-speaking communities by granting entry to more French-proficient applicants. It is safe to say that the Canadian immigration system has never been so flexible in solving the country’s economic and social needs.

IRCC assured that all categories were finalized after consulting with territories and provinces, labour stakeholders, and the public.

The first invitations are expected to be sent to candidates in the summer.

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