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May 28, 2023

Canadian Employers Adopt An Advanced Method Of Hiring

Canadian employers are using social media to check out prospective candidates before hiring or scheduling them for a job interview. Employers are using this tactic for Canadians as well as newcomers.


According to a survey conducted by Harris Poll, an internationally acclaimed consulting and market research company, in January 2023, Express Employment happens to be the most resourceful way of recruiting new staff globally. The survey also indicated over 60% of Canadian firms use social media to screen candidates for different job vacancies. 41% of such employers further confirmed their screening of candidates through social media kept them from offering a job to many applicants because of what they found.



Every candidate is advised to refine and edit their social media profile while looking for a job. Many employers don’t check a candidate’s social media until the final stage of the hiring process, while some do it in the early stages.

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What You Must Do To Land Your Dream Job?

You must be wary of certain things before choosing to keep your social media public. This includes the use of correct spelling and grammar in the content on your profile since it impacts the credibility of your posts. Needless to say, employers could be thrown off due to unnecessary grammatical and spelling mistakes.

In addition to this, have a consistent personal brand across your profiles on different social media platforms. Consider the brand image you want to create and ensure your personal brand is not too different from your professional brand. For instance, you cannot come off as unprofessional and careless on Facebook and responsible and professional on LinkedIn. Consistency plays a significant role in helping you build an attractive image of yourself in the eyes of employers.

Lastly, accept social media as a valuable tool for finding a good job. Use it to build connections with employers you wish to work for instead of ignoring it. Social media can turn out to be an extremely powerful tool, provided you use it with intent and discipline.

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