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January 20, 2023

Canada Immigration Plans and Policies for 2023

Canada’s Plans For Immigration

A Minister’s mandate letter outlines the priorities of the government, and the Immigration minister needs to address the following objectives in the latest one;

First, the letter must address the prolonged labor shortages and plans to deal with them in the future. Secondly, it also needs to promote economic growth in French-speaking communities by supporting the immigration of those who speak French.

In order to fulfill these objectives, Bill C-19 was approved to become a part of the law on 23 January 2022. As per this bill, the Immigration Minister has the authority to grant Express Entry to applicants on the basis of capabilities and qualifications that can prove beneficial for the economy.

However, IRCC will still use the Comprehensive Ranking System for Express Entry. Candidates who fulfill the criteria for a specific category are going to be ranked as per their CRS scores. Those with higher scores will get invitations to apply.

Plus. only candidates eligible for programs under Express Entry will become a part of the category-based selection.

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