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January 30, 2023

What Are the Requirements to Be an Electrician in Canada?

Canadian Immigration for Electricians | Steps Explained

This blog lays out the steps that electricians around the world need to follow while applying for Canadian immigration. So let’s start;

Step No.1

You need to sign up for your Express Entry profile. What you must understand is that this is where the calculation of your Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS score for Canadian immigration begins. After creating your profile, you have to wait to get an invitation to submit an application for permanent residency. The following details of an applicant are considered while awarding CRS points;

  • Qualifications
  • Age
  • Work Experience
  • Partner’s skills
  • Education.

Plus, an applicant’s proficiency in English or French is also assessed.

Step No.2

After getting an invitation to apply, also known as ITA, you are going to have sixty days to begin the process of your Express Entry application. It is advisable to have your skills and points verified before starting your application process. This is because you cannot go through the verification process after getting an invitation to apply for Canadian immigration. It is important to do everything correctly from the beginning since your Express Entry profile remains valid for only a year.

For those who don’t know, a skills assessment is the process that verifies your skills as an electrician, along with your qualifications and work experience. It has the following two purposes;

  • A) A positive skills assessment makes you eligible for the requisite points required for the Express Entry CRS and proves helpful in submitting your application under the Federal Skilled Trades program.
  • B) Having a positive skills assessment gives you a Red Seal qualification, qualifying you to work as an electrician in Canada from the first day.

Best Programs for Canadian Immigration

On number 1, we have

Federal Skilled Trades Program

The minimum requirements for the Federal Skilled Trade Program are as follows;

  • You should possess proficiency in either English or French.
  • You need two years of work experience, at minimum.
  • Then, you have to fulfill the National Occupation Code or NOC job requirements for your particular trade.
  • Moreover, you will need a valid job offer, along with a qualification certificate from a federal authority, territory, or province.

This is one of three federal programs that fall under the Express Entry system. They are designed to fast-track the applications of migrants, making it easier for them to come to Canada. It takes about six months for your visa to get processed.

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is for experienced, semi-skilled applicants. These are individuals with job offers from Canada but were unable to pass the screening of the Express Entry system. Such applicants are eligible to work in a specific province for a specific employer for as long as their visa remains valid.

A benefit offered by the PNP programs is that there are Express Entry streams in some of them. They allow Canadian provinces to pick an applicant’s profile out of draw pools, which happens every two weeks. A provincial nomination boosts your core points by an additional 600 CRS points. For instance, if someone’s core points are 600 and they get an extra 600 points, their total CRS points will be 1200.

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