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Big News UK Announces Second Statement of Changes For 2023

Big News! UK Announces Second Statement of Changes For 2023

Todayl let’s look into the UK’s second Statement of Changes for 2023. We’ll be explaining to you all about how the UK government is  fine-tuning their immigration rules, so let’s dive right in.


Ukraine Scheme Visa


Starting off with some good news for anyone applying for the Ukraine Scheme Visa. The application deadline has been pushed back to 16 May 2024. That’s right, you’ve got some more time whether you’re applying from overseas or right within the UK.



Visa Nationals List


A little heads up for our friends from Dominica, Honduras, Namibia, Timor-Leste, and Vanuatu. You’ll now need to get a visa before heading to the UK. The aim here is to tighten up security and prevent high-risk individuals from coming in. So make sure you get your paperwork in order before setting off!



EU Settlement Scheme Route


If you hold a Pre-Settled status and forget to submit an extension, don’t worry, you’re covered. The government will automatically extend your leave by two years, ensuring you can still call the UK your home.


Student Visa Route


Now, there are some changes for students as well. For those using the Student Visa Route, you’ll need to be aware that you can’t bring your family members to the UK from January 2024 onwards, unless you’re in a research-focused postgraduate programme. This move is to ensure people don’t misuse the student visa as a shortcut to employment permits.

Shortage Occupation List


Let’s talk about jobs now. Several occupation codes have been added to the Shortage Occupation List. So if you work in the fishing industry, construction and building trades, or certain agriculture occupations, you might just be in demand in the UK!


Temporary Work – Seasonal Worker Route


For those looking at the Seasonal Worker Route, note that there are new pay requirements in the horticulture sector and some specific roles in the poultry production sector. Make sure to check these out before applying.

Youth Mobility Scheme Visa


For the young adventurers using the Youth Mobility Scheme Visa, the maximum stay period has now been extended to three continuous years. So, pack your bags for a longer adventure!


And that’s it, guys! A quick rundown of the recent UK immigration changes. Remember, staying informed is key when planning your travels or a move.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on UK immigration.

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