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How to Check If You Have Overstayed Your Visa in the UK

How to Check If You Have Overstayed In The UK?

This blog helps you understand how you can confirm if you have overstayed in the UK. We’ll also share a few useful tips to steer clear of such immigration issues.

You must be aware of UK immigration laws and policies before travelling to the UK. It is vital to ensure you don’t overstay the permitted length of your visa. This is because overstaying can lead to grave consequences while greatly affecting your future plans to visit the UK.



Immigration Record

You can submit a Subject Access Request to the Home Office to check your immigration record. The Home Office takes up to 30 days to respond, but you could face delays. The record clearly shows your immigration history, along with any periods of overstaying.

Visa Expiry Date

Knowing your visa expiry date is your first step to finding out if you have overstayed in the UK. Every visa comes with varying lengths of stay in the UK. What you can do is check your Biometric Residence Permit and Home Office approval documents to confirm your visa expiry date. Check both since the Home Office is now granting BRPs with an expiry date of 31 December 2024. What’s interesting to note here is that these measures resulted from the Home Office’s plans to digitalize the immigration system. Regardless, you are advised to check your BRP and approval letter to find out the accurate expiry date of your existing visa.

Visiting the UK

Visitors are allowed to remain in the UK for a maximum of 6 months. However, you will have to count your days in the UK, beginning from the date of your arrival. It helps ensure you don’t overstay your permission mistakenly.

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Consequences of Overstaying

You can face serious consequences by overstaying in the UK. It includes being banned from re-entering the UK for a designated duration and forcible removal. In addition to this, overstaying can badly affect your future UK visa applications. Furthermore, you can also start facing issues while applying for visas from other countries.

Seek Legal Advice

You may seek legal advice from an experienced immigration solicitor if you find out that you have overstayed in the UK. A good immigration specialist can help you consider all your options, including your next steps to overcome this problem.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on UK immigration.



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