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UK Opens Doors to Foreign Workers with Easier Visas UK Work Visa 2023

UK Opens Doors to Foreign Construction Workers

The UK government has finally permitted overseas plasterers and bricklayers to seek employment in the country, even after record net migration. As expected, this decision is met with criticism from senior Tory MPs. Construction workers have now been added to the shortage occupation list, which enables employers to hire overseas staff members on salaries as low as $20,960 or 80% of the going rate. As a result, carpenters, joiners, tilers, and roofers are all on the list, rewarding them with discounted visa fees.



The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) proposed this idea following the rise in vacancies after the pandemic. Plus, there’s also a severe shortage of local skilled labour. Many people believe that this is the first time the UK has added bricklayers to the list.

Meanwhile, the government made this move soon after Conservative backbenchers asked to cut net migration before the next election. They proposed to increase the primary skilled work visa salary from £26,200 per annum to £38,000, bringing down net migration by 54,000 a year.

In the face of criticism, the UK’s construction industry seems happy with the news, labelling it as a vital move for the sector to address labour shortages in specific roles and fill vacancies effectively.


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