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July 24, 2023

Breaking Barriers or Breaking Families? Home Office’s New Deportation Strategy

The Child’s Rights impact assessment for the Illegal Migration Bill was published by the government on 4 July 2023. Interestingly, the document sheds light on accommodation, detention, removals, age assessments, modern slavery, and safe and legal routes. Moreover, it also covers the bans on grants of leave and citizenship, along with the confiscation of electronic devices.



The assessment confirms that the government is busy reviewing its current policy position concerning the use of force or physical intervention to assist the Home Office in removing families with children under this Bill. It further added that minors are currently safe from forceful compliance or removals. Plus, the government doesn’t favour the use of reasonable force under the new Bill unless it becomes necessary.

A targeted consultation is expected before finalizing any changes to the policy.


In addition, the assessment talks about assessing children’s age with the help of scientific tests and removal from the UK. A challenge to age assessment is currently underway. Regardless, the government is confident that the Bill will lead to a positive impact, even though it contains several proposals that could affect children negatively.

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