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Australia’s working holiday visa age cap likely to be increased

Is Australia Increasing the Age Limit For Working Visas?

Australia might increase the age limit for its working visas in the future. This blog covers all the information related to this, so let’s see what Australia is planning to do.

Reports suggest that the government of Australia is thinking about increasing the age limit of its working holiday visa to 50. This is going to allow British and Canadian citizens to travel and live in Australia while exploring different job opportunities. Plus, British and Canadian citizens will also be able to acquire residency in Australia.

Currently, British and Canadian citizens below the age of 35 years can apply for Australia’s Working Holiday Scheme. The age limit was recently increased from 30 for British citizens due to the Australia-UK Free Trade Agreement.

So, why is Australia considering raising the age limit for the Working Holiday visa to 50? Well, Australia plans to attract more skillful individuals from Canada and UK in order to deal with the country’s ongoing labor shortages.

While speaking on a radio program, the chief executive of Tourism and Transport Forum Australia also claimed that increasing the age limit from 35 to 50 would prove highly beneficial for the country

This measure is going to bring in a diverse range of workers possessing equally varying skills and expertise. She further said that Australia would be better off filling the gaps within its labor markets by coming up with more innovative plans.

In addition to this, the government of Australia has also questioned visa processing times. Before the Christmas holidays in 2022, more than 120,000 foreigners were granted working visas.

Moreover, CANZUK International seems quite determined to raise the age limit of Australia’s working visas since it is going to present new travel and employment opportunities to the citizens of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Raising the age limit of the working visa route to 50 would mean that citizens belonging to CANZUK countries could easily travel, work, and live in Australia while also seeking permanent residency and citizenship.

CANZUK International favors such policies from the government of Australia. Plus, it will keep discussing more policies that promote CANZUK free movement with Ministers and elected officials.

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