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Latest updates on processing times  visa fees visa requirements for Australian tourists in 2023

Apply For an Australian Tourist Visa From India In 2023

Are you planning to apply for an Australian Tourist Visa? Read this blog to get detailed information about how you can get your Australian Tourist Visa from India.

Australia is a splendid place to visit with vibrant beaches, never-ending desserts, and many other luxuriant facilities that makes Australia a dream place to visit.

Make your dream become a reality by getting an Australian Tourist Visa for yourself.

Applying for Australia Tourist Visa From India

You can apply for your Australian tourist visa through a quick process. You won’t be required to visit the embassy along with the physical document of your paperwork as you can complete the entire process online.

First, you have to download the Australian ETA application and fill out the complete form with your proper required information. Once completed, submit it and proceed towards paying the visa fees. You will receive an Australian ETA visa through your email within a period of 2-3 days depending upon the accuracy of your information.

Make sure to avoid submitting any errors or fake documents for a smooth visa application process. Also, take care of a few things like these to prevent your visa from getting rejected.

Eligibility criteria for the Australian Tourist Visa

The requirements that are required to be fulfilled to qualify for an Australian Tourist Visa are as follows:

  • You must be having sufficient funds
  • Make sure to clear the objective of your trip
  • Prove that you intend to go back to your home country
  • Provide evidence of your good health
  • Make sure that this visa does not permit academic pursuits
  • Proof of your moral character
  • Must follow every law of the nation
  • Provide evidence that you don’t have any criminal history record
  • You cannot apply for or accept any jobs

The Processing Time For An Australian Tourist Visa

Processing time for the Australian Tourist Visa varies from 48 hours to 33 days. However, it depends upon the factors which include busy processing times, required supporting documents, and much more.

Required Documents For Australia Tourist Visa

Check out the following Australia tourist visa requirement and crucial documentation needed for smooth visa processing

You will be required to submit the following documents:

  • Your original Passport with six months validity after the planned scheduled departure
  • Visa Application Form
  • 2 passport size photographs: 35 × 45 mm
  • Cover letter
  • Pan Card or Aadhaar Card copy
  • Financial records
  • Payslips and proof of employment
  • Returns on income taxes
  • Reservations for hotels or other lodgings for the entire expected stay
  • Flight reservation for a round-trip
  • If married, a marriage certificate

Australia Tourist Visa Fees

Australian Visa fees vary depending on the type of visa you are willing to apply for. It’s difficult to stay updated on certain fees due to the number of Australian visas available. However, it depends upon the type of credit card you use for the payment mode. Moreover, there are chances for additional fees for an Australian tourist visa if applying from India besides the main application fees.

The Tourist Visitor Applicants in Australia Visa Subclass fees is: Rs.52,752 /-

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