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How to study in Australia for FREE Guideline ~ Study Australia 2023

Study For Free In Australia

Studying in Australia used to be frightening for most students but not anymore. In this blog, we are going to find out how you can study at the best universities in Australia for free.

Students around the world have dreamed of studying abroad at Australian universities. With the number of research outputs and world-recognized standard of education, it’s of great worth and time for the students studying in Australia.

Unfortunately, the tuition fees of Australian universities can’t be afforded by most of the students who are willing to study there. However, there are some ways through which you can study for free in Australia.

Through multiple scholarships, you can reduce your financial burden and easily study in top universities of Australia.

How To Study In Australia For Free:

It’s very difficult to study without spending your single money. You have to choose from two options at a reasonable cost if you are willing to study in Australia. One option is to either go for scholarships or work part-time in Australia to finance your education by yourself easily.

Australian Scholarships For International Students:

Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Awards:

Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Awards is the most common postgraduate scholarship program with a fully paid scholarship, where you can study for free in Australia. This award is also known as Leadership and is applicable for postgraduate students only which includes; Masters and PhD students. It’s for a period of over 2 years for Master’s students and 4 years for PhD students.

Eligibility Criteria:

You are eligible to apply for Endeavour Postgraduate Leadership Award if:

  •  You are an international citizen and not an Australian one.
  • You must be of age 18 or over at the time of application.
  • You must have not been enrolled in any other sponsored or scholarship program in Australia.
  • Host Universities in Australia:

Universities and Higher Education:
Institute in Australia

  • Level of Study:

Masters and Ph.D. level studies
in any of the Australian Universities.

  • Deadline for Application:
    15 November, annually

What’s Included In The Scholarship:

you will be able to get the following:

  • Monthly Stipend (3000 per month, 36000 in a Calendar Year)
  • Accommodation (2000 to 4000)
  • Health Insurance Coverage (OSHC for Australia)
  • Travel Allowances
  • Tuition Fees (30000 per year)

2. Adelaide Scholarships International:

For everyone who is willing to study in one the best universities in Australia; the University of Adelaide, you can get Adelaide Scholarship Award to study for free here in Australia. This scholarship is for Master’s and Doctoral students. It consists of a duration period of over 2 years for Master’s degree. However, an extension is available for doctoral students.

Move further to find out the eligibility criteria and what will be included in Adelaide Scholarship International:

Eligibility Criteria for Adelaide Scholarship International:

It’s important that student:

  • Must have completed equivalent to Australian honours degree,
  • Must not have any prior research qualification for doctoral students,
  • Must have provided a proof of English Language Proficiency,
  •  Citizens from Australia and New Zealand are not eligible for the Scholarship.

Host Universities in Australia:
University of Adelaide

Level of Study
Any Research Master’s degree or
doctoral degree at the University of Adelaide.

Deadline for Application:
13 Jan and 10 July

What’s Included In The Scholarship:

Through Adelaide Scholarship International, you can get:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Living expenses
  • OSHC health insurance cover

University of Sydney International Research Scholarships:

Called USydIS, the scholarship, as the name suggests, is for the University of Sydney, ranked 3rd among the Australian Universities. The scholarship includes tuition fees and living expenses.

Let’s now discover the eligibility criteria and what will be included in this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be an international student.
  • Must not have any prior research qualification for doctoral students.
  • Must have not been enrolled in any other sponsored or scholarship program in Australia.
  •  A doctorate student can apply for the scholarship again even if he or she had received it for the Master’s Program.
  • Host Universities in Australia:
    University of Sydney
  • Level of Study:
    Any Research Master’s degree, or doctoral
    degree at the University of Sydney.
    (Depending on the Subjects)
  • Deadline for Application:
    April to June for research semester two
    for all rounds, and October to January
    for Semester 1 for all three rounds.

What will be included in the scholarship:

Scholarships Include:

  • Tuition Fees and living expenses for three years.
  • Doctoral students can have an extension of 6 months after the completion.

How To Apply For a Scholarship In Australia:

So, To study in Australia with the help of scholarships, you will need to fulfill some of the requirements. The requirements to apply for scholarships vary depending on the program or university you are willing to attend.

You can apply for scholarships in Australia through the following process:

  • You must have a strong academic base to study in Australia with the scholarship, as most of the scholarships are based on academic merit. So, it will be necessary for you to provide detailed information about your previous education and your grades,
  • Fulfilling English language requirements are also mandatory to gain scholarship. Most of the scholarships will exempt you from this if you are able to prove that your previous education was taught in English. English language proficiency tests like IELTS or TOEFL are mostly accepted depending upon the requirements of the scholarship you are applying for.
  • Most of the time, you will be required to prove your citizenship ase these scholarships are only available for students of specific countries. Your passport might be enough, but in some cases, you will also be asked to submit a birth certificate.
  • You will have to apply for a student visa on your own, and state if any family member will travel with you to Australia. This is because scholarships only cover the expenses of the students and are not in charge of any companions.

This is the end of today’s blog update. We hope you found this blog useful. Please don’t forget to support us by subscribing to our newsletter and sharing this blog with your friends and family on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

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