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Australian Visa Holders To Face New Biosecurity Rules ~ Latest Australia Immigration News 2023

Australian Visa Holders To Face New Rules

Australia has introduced new rules for Australian visa holders. What is it, and why was it done? We bring you the answers in this blog.

Here’s a breakdown of what recent updates have been made to the visa rules for Australian visa holders:


So What’s New In 2023?

There have been changes in 2023 where an individual’s visa could be canceled if they break certain rules laid out in the Biosecurity Act 2015. This change now includes the breaking of a new rule named subsection 186A(1).

What’s The Importance of The Biosecurity Act?

This act assists Australia in protecting and safeguarding its people, plants, animals, and the environment from diseases and pests that are dangerous. Not following these rules could bring bad news to the health, economy, and nature of Australia.

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Looking At The Past

Back in the year 2019, Australia’s introduction of a new rule permitted them to cancel certain visas if they broke some part of the Biosecurity Act. Some of these visas are as follows:

This enabled Australia to ensure that everyone followed safety rules.

So to summarise, the only reason why Australia wants to ensure everyone follows these rules is so that the country is kept safe and healthy by all means necessary!

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