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Study IN Australia with Your Family Expanding Your Australian Student Visa!

How To Add Family Members To Your Australian Student Visa

Australia is a country that attracts a large number of international students and is well known for its top-tier higher education system. A student would need to apply for a Subclass 500 – student visa in order to study in the country. This visa holds a distinctive advantage by enabling the students to bring certain members of their families to the country. This in turn gives them the comfort of not having to separate from their direct family members while they pursue their education in the country.


Which Family Members Can Be Included?

Here is a list of the eligible family members for the student visa application:

  • De facto partner or spouse
  • Certain dependent children

It’s necessary to include all members of the family in the initial application, regardless of whether or not they want to immediately join you. The assessment for the “Genuine Temporary Entrant” makes this declaration crucial for the visa and for any other visa applications for family members, for that matter. How the Application Process Works Initially

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The student will need to furnish relationship proof that they have with the family members at the time of applying. For dependent children, a birth certificate for the children would be required, and a marriage certificate for a spouse would be required.

There are certain financial implications that could occur when family members are added, as the expense of support for family members needs to be provided at the time and length of your stay. Moreover, it is also mandatory to arrange health insurance for your family members.

Additions Post-Lodgment

After lodging your application, if in case there are changes in circumstances, there are some ways to include your family members. An example would be if, during the time of visa processing, a child is born, then he/she can be added. However, it is required that you promptly notify and provide important documents to the Department of Home Affairs.

Forgotten Declarations & Changes Occurred During Processing

You must inform the Department if any amendments are made in your family, such as getting married, etc. It is important to note that a new member cannot be added to the current application unless it’s a child. If a family member has been mistakenly removed from your initial application, you can still acquire a student visa for them, but this process will be under very strict and critical observation or examination.

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