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Australia Immigration News and Latest Visa Changes November 2023 Updates

Top Highlights in Australian Immigration

In this blog, we bring you some of the most important and recent highlights in the world of Australian immigration. Let’s get started.

New Opportunity from The Northern Territory

The  Australian Northern Territory caused quite a change in its immigration policy by welcoming 491 visa applicants. This move was made to entice a range of skilled professionals to come to the region.


Best Occupations in 482 Visa

According to statistics, the immigration department recently revealed the 15 most-desired 482 Visa occupations. This data offered vital information, especially for potential applicants, which would aid them in evaluating the demand for certain skills.

Skill Assessment Challenges

The TRA skill assessments have been delayed, due to which applicants are advised to take notice of such delays while planning the timeline for their immigration.

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Queensland’s Overseas Engineers Receive Support

Engineers Australia provides assistance and support to engineers who are trained overseas and are residing in Queensland. An initiative was taken in order to close the skill gap and make sure engineers who are foreign-trained can effortlessly join the Australian workforce.

309 Visa Processing Under Scrutiny

There are concerns being highlighted over the recent protests at Parliament House pertaining to the time of processing for the 309 Visa. It underlines the requirement for effective and transparent visa processing systems.

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