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August 25, 2023

A New Wave of Overseas Workers and Students Flows In

Today we’ll be looking at a much-loved destination for people from overseas looking to study or work and how recent trends have affected the inflow. So, let’s dive in.


Closer Look at Overseas Workers


In July, over 14,000 overseas workers were welcomed into New Zealand. But hang on, that’s actually a small dip from the 16,878 in June and 17,319 in May.


What does this mean? Well, it looks like the growth of overseas workers after the pandemic has slowed.


Between February and July this year, New Zealand received a whopping 102,624 overseas workers. This was quite close to the 2019 pre-pandemic levels.


Current Overseas Students Scenario


In July, 12,438 overseas students arrived in the country. Although the numbers seem to return to the pre-pandemic level, it’s still less than 2019, which was 20,118 students.

If we take a quick look, New Zealand received 52,248 overseas students by the end of July this year. This was a decline from 86,100 in July 2019.


In the end, New Zealand, however, still remains a favorite destination for many. The education and work sectors seem to be on the mend, as the numbers show us a cautious increase to the levels before the pandemic, which is still a bit of a journey to reach the previous levels.

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