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Australian Immigration Update Critical Changes and Controversies ~ Australia Immigration News 2024

Critical Changes & Controversies in the Australian Immigration Update

Welcome to another edition of Australian immigration news, where we delve into the pressing issues impacting international students and education providers. Let’s explore the significant developments in the world of Australian immigration.


Cracking Down on Dodgy Providers

The Australian government, spearheaded by Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neal, is intensifying efforts to regulate education providers. A recent crackdown targeted ‘dodgy’ providers, with 34 receiving notices to improve their standards or risk losing their licenses. This move is part of a broader strategy to manage migration numbers, as these providers have seen a substantial 79% reduction in visas granted compared to the previous year.

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New Student Visa Requirements and Caps

In a significant policy shift, the government has proposed a cap on the number of student visas issued, aiming to streamline the migration system. This proposal is part of the newly drafted ‘International Education and Skill Strategic Framework’, which includes measures like enrollment limits at specific locations and courses, and new legislation to prevent colleges from owning education agents.


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Financial Requirements and Visa Changes

From May 10, the financial requirements for student visas have increased dramatically. For example, the primary applicant must now prove a financial capacity of $29,710, up from $24,505. These changes are part of the government’s plan to ensure the sustainability of the migration system.

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Controversial Age Limit on 485 Visas

A contentious change is the proposed age limit for the 485 Visa, affecting many mature students. This has sparked widespread concern among the student community, particularly those like Suzanne Hilott, a marine biologist and PhD candidate, who are close to completing their studies. The potential introduction of a grandfather clause offers a glimmer of hope for those currently enrolled.

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Community Response and Advocacy

The student community is actively responding to these changes through various platforms, including social media and petitions. The collective voice of students is crucial in advocating for fair and equitable immigration policies.


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