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Australia Humanitarian Visas Skyrocket Big Announcement by the Austraalian Federal Governments

Australia’s New Stance on Humanitarian Visas

Hi All! We’ve got big news from  Down Under. The Australian government is making waves with their latest decision on the humanitarian visa front. Let’s jump into the details and figure out what’s happening!


Australia previously had a cap of 17,875 for humanitarian visas, but now, it’s been raised to 20,000. That takes us right back to 2013, during the last Labor government.


In 2014, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott decided to reduce the humanitarian intake. But since then, numbers have been steadily increasing.

Addressing Global Humanitarian Crisis


Immigration Minister Andrew Giles highlighted that this is Australia’s way of handling the global humanitarian crisis. We’re talking around 100 million forcibly displaced people and another 2 million desperately needing resettlement.


Giles also emphasised the Albanese Labor Government’s dedication to participating in the global resettlement effort.


He also mentioned how important it is to provide comprehensive support to refugees and make sure they have essential resources to settle in Australia and rebuild their lives.

Challenges in Processing Afghan Applications


The processing of Afghan nationals’ applications has raised a few concerns.


With the Taliban ruling the country, the Home Affairs Department are facing a few hiccups; especially when checks like security, health, and biometrics cannot be carried out.

The Law Council of Australia isn’t too pleased, especially if it means Afghans who tick all the boxes of humanitarian visa criteria still get their visa refused. They’re nudging the department to review options considering Afghanistan’s current situation.


Looking back at this situation, there are a few questions that arise.


  • How will this step into the humanitarian intake cap impact Australia’s image on the world stage?


  • What can be done with the Afghan visa situation to implement a fair and efficient process?

  • How do you think the Australian community would react to this increase? Also, what can be done to help the refugees blend into the society?


For more information on Australian immigration keep following this space.

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Lazarus chiwayasays:

The program will assist and benefit them and the entire world.


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