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Cracking the Code Australias 408 Visa Blessing or Burden Australia Immigration News 2023

Is Australia’s 408 COVID Visa A Solution or a Problem?

In this blog we’ll be looking into Australia’s 408 COVID visa. Is it a a solution for those seeking work in Australia, or is it a problem lurking under the surface? Let’s find out.


What’s The 408 COVID Visa?


This visa popped into action during the pandemic. It acted as a lifeline for people with expiring Australian temporary visas.


It started with critical sectors like aged care and healthcare, But now, if you’ve got work rights and a job offer, you’re in!


This visa is basically opening doors to low-skilled full-time employment.

The Appeal and Concerns


The 408 visa is free, online, and has fast approval.


But some education lobbying groups want it gone, while businesses love it for boosting their workforce. It’s quite the sticky situation.

What’s The Skills Recession Situation?


The ‘Skills Recession’ is referred to the big workforce gap in Australia, where 80% of Australian employers are affected.


In this situation, the 408 COVID Visa seems like a quick fix. However, there are concerns for potential misuse or even exploitation due to lack of checks and robust criteria.

What’s The Final Take On It?


The 408 COVID Visa seems like a double-edged sword. Although it’s filling up job , there are potential risks that we can’t just ignore.


With new pathways being introduced like the permanent Employer Visas under the 482 TSS Sponsorship Visa, it could feel that your time’s been wasted on this visa.


The future of this visa remains uncertain, reflecting the complexities of visa policies, labor market requirements, and international education in Australia.


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