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Unlocking Australia Australias 2 Year Student Visa Unveiled Study in Australia

Australia’s 2-Year Visa Opportunity for Culinary Students!

Are you a culinary student dreaming of taking your passion for cooking all the way to Australia? Now there’s a chance for you to get a 2-year visa to study culinary arts down under! So, let’s get started.


How to Become a Culinary Student in Australia


If you’ve got the flair for flavors, then you could be eligible to get hold of a student visa valid for 2 or more years.


All you need to do is enroll for a full-time course on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

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Culinary Student Visa


The length of your visa will depend on the course’s length. If the course is for 10 months or more and finishes at the end of the Australian academic year, your visa would be valid until 15 March of the following year.

If your culinary course wraps up between January and October, you’ll get 2 months extra.


What if your course is shorter than 10 months? You’ll then get a grant of 1 additional month.


The Certificate III in Commercial Cookery


Now, This specific course, which is listed on CRICOS will take 101 weeks for completion. Since it’ll be running for more than 10 months, you’ll get an extra 2-3 months on your visa. So this will give you about 2 years to explore, learn, and create incredible dishes.


So all you aspiring chefs, this is the perfect chance to build your culinary career.


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