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Visa restrictions could cost UK 10 billion yearly

A Loss Of Billions Awaits The UK

The QS higher education festival was recently organized in London. During the festival, university leaders were warned of how the UK economy will be affected by government reforms to dependent visas.



QS conducted a survey of 5,000 overseas students interested in pursuing higher education in the UK. The students were asked how they would react to the implementation of any proposed reforms to student visa regulations. They were also questioned about their rights to have their dependents accompany them to the UK.



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Nearly 56% of the participants were completely unaware of any proposed changes before the QS survey.

One in four overseas students claimed they wouldn’t be interested in studying in the UK, while one in five of the respondents focused on Russel Group universities stated their original study plans would get ruined.

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Various scenarios were perceived by looking at the recent HEPI analysis reflecting the contribution of overseas students. The worst case turned out to be a situation that could cost the country £10 billion.

According to a report provided by HEPI, Kaplan International Pathways, and Universities UK International, the country’s economy experienced a £4.95 billion boost because of overseas students during the academic year 2021-22.

The QS also predicted a reduction of 200,000 overseas students in the UK by 2025.

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