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Official Immigration Levels Puts The UK Prime Minister Under Fire

Did you know official immigration levels in the UK in 2022 reached a record-breaking number of 606,000? That’s right; it has been confirmed by official statistics, pressurizing the government, which promised to reduce the country’s reliance on international workers.



Prime Minister Rishi Sunak admitted to the legal immigration levels being higher than usual.



He further added that steps to restrict the family members of international students from accompanying them to the UK would deal with the inflated immigration levels.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces pressure to limit immigration from his own colleagues, as right-wingers believe that the existing figures are not sustainable.

There is a rapidly growing backlog of the processing of asylum claims in the Home Office.

The majority of asylum seekers are migrants coming from northern Europe in small boats through the Channel.

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What About The Government’s Plan To Deport Asylum Seekers To Rwanda?

The government planned to deport illegal asylum seekers to Rwanda, as arrivals totalled 45,000 last year. However, those measures seem to have gotten stuck in the courts.

The deal between Kigail and London has been unsuccessful since no individual with a failed asylum application has been deported to the Central African country.

Outstanding asylum claims reached over 172,000 by the end of March 2023, exceeding last year’s total of 109,000 by 57%.

129,000 asylum seekers out of the 172,000 waiting to get an initial decision have experienced delayed processing for over six months. Comparing the current situation to March 2022, there has been a 76% increase this year.



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