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Official Service Standards For UK Visa Applications

Official Service Standards For UK Visa Applications

Did you know UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) recently published service standards for the processing of visa and immigration applications? Refer to the officially published standards to track the status of your UK visa applications.



The officially published service standards apply to a UK visa application submitted with complete information and supporting documents. Plus, the Home Office must not feel the need to ask for more evidence to process the visa application.



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Service Standards For Pending UK Visa Applications

Here’s a breakdown of service standards for all types of UK visa applications;

Non-Settlement Visa Applications

  • 90% of the decision is made in 3 weeks
  • 98% in 6 weeks
  • 100% in 12 weeks.

Don’t forget 1 week equals 5 working days.

98.5% of the decision is made within 12 weeks and 100% within 24 weeks of the application date for settlement visa applications filed from outside the UK.

It takes 8 weeks to process applications for leave to remain submitted from inside the UK by workers, students, and spouses.

Similarly, applications for indefinite leave to remain (ILR) submitted from inside the UK have a processing time of 6 months.

No Time Limit (NTL) applications submitted from inside the UK follow a processing time of 6 months, whereas Organisations interested in sponsoring a worker have to wait 8 weeks.

Finally, organisations hoping to update the details on their sponsor licence have to wait 18 weeks.

The service standards we mentioned here are the visa processing times UKVI hopes to follow for delivering prompt decisions on complete visa applications. You may or may not experience different visa processing times. In case you are forced to wait for a decision after the service standard has passed, then you can raise this factor while trying to speed things up.



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