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May 31, 2023

New Information Concerning Asylum Seekers Leaked

The leaked documents stated over 3,000 asylum seekers are at risk of being detained and deported from the UK every month following Suella Braverman’s asylum bill.



The government’s plans to deport 3,163 asylum seekers every month from January have come to light after Rishi Sunak was criticized by Conservative MPs for record-breaking levels of net migration.

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The documents that highlighted the implementation of the illegal migration bill also clarified that ministers might end up facing legal action without any significant increase in legal aid fees for advocates who offer consultation to refugees.

The leaked documents were recently prepared for the junior minister Lord Bellamy, Lord Chancellor Alex Chalk, and the Ministry of Justice permanent secretary Antonia Romeo.

The bill states that individuals who come to the UK without permission will not be granted entry to claim asylum.

Such people would be detained and deported to their home country or a third country, like Rwanda.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice chose not to address the leaks.

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