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Can I Seek Remote Work In The UK?

Today, we’re discussing a hot topic that many of you have been curious about. Keep reading to learn more about the limitations and restrictions visitors face when it comes to remote work.



Let’s be clear that the UK doesn’t offer a specific ‘remote worker’ visa, unlike some other countries.



The UK’s Home Office has provided guidance stating that visitors are allowed to perform remote work activities connected to their employment from overseas while they are present in the UK. This could involve tasks like answering phone calls or replying to emails.

However, it’s crucial to understand that individuals visiting the UK should have a different main purpose for their travel, and using the UK as a base for remote work abroad should not be the primary reason. Visitors are expected to primarily engage in permitted activities, such as attending meetings, conferences, negotiating contracts, or getting acquainted with the requirements of a UK-based customer or client, among others.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that frequent and successive visits to the UK could raise concerns and increase the risk of being denied entry. The authorities may question the genuineness of the visitor’s intention and view them as not being legitimate visitors. So, it’s important for visitors to consider this aspect while planning their trips to the UK.

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