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UKs New Scheme Live and Work in the UK No Sponsorship or Minimum Education Required

Youth Mobility Scheme 2023 is back

Good news for all! Today’s blog has some exciting updates for you. The UK Home Office has stated that the second ballot for the 2023 Youth Mobility Scheme is now open, until Wednesday 26th July.


We highly suggest you to read the full blog as we’ll discuss the following:

  • What’s the Youth Mobility Scheme?
  • Who Can Apply for the Youth Mobility Scheme?
  • And How to Enter the Youth Mobility Scheme Ballot?


What’s the Youth Mobility Scheme?

The UK’s Youth Mobility Scheme is an incredible cultural exchange programme that permits young applicants aged between 18 to 30 (or up to 35 in specific scenarios) from partaking nations to experience life in the UK for up to 24 months. With the Youth Mobility visa, you can reside, study, work in most jobs, or even be self-employed in the UK during the Youth Mobility visa’s 2-year validity period.


Who Can Apply for the Youth Mobility Scheme?

Please keep in mind that the Nationals of Hong Kong (with a SAR passport), Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are obligated to enter a ballot before they can make an application for a Youth Mobility Scheme visa. On the other hand, if you are a British Overseas Citizen, British Overseas Territories Citizen, or a British National (Overseas), you are not required to enter the ballot.


Please keep in that there is a separate ballot if you are from India and desire to apply under the India Young Professionals Scheme.

How to Enter the Youth Mobility Scheme Ballot?

Don’t forget, to enter the ballot, you will be required to send an email within the stipulated 48-hour phase. Bear in mind, only one ballot entry can be made per applicant.


So, stop wasting your time in thinking for options to live and work in the UK. This is your chance to travel to the UK and widen your prospects. This opportunity shouldn’t be missed at all! Complete details can be found on the UK Home Office’s official Youth Mobility Scheme page (Link mentioned in the description box and comments below!

Our blog ends here. Don’t forget to comment below your thoughts on the UK’s Youth Mobility Scheme.  Thanks for visiting.

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David Adekunlesays:

Thank you for this information

Shunkar Annahsays:

I pay for my medication every month
I have a heart operations in 2020
I would like to a help to get my visa so I can work and pay all my tax and to work Thanks 😊


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