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4 Key Updates to the UK Immigration Rules Announced in April 2024

4 Key Updates to the UK Immigration Rules Announced in April 2024

Welcome to our latest blog post where we explore the significant changes to the UK Immigration Rules that took effect in April 2024. From increased salary thresholds to updated skilled occupation classifications, join us as we delve into how these alterations impact both employers and visa applicants.


Significant Changes to Salary Thresholds

In a major update to the Immigration Rules effective from 4th April 2024, the UK government has introduced substantial increases to the UK minimum salary thresholds for Skilled Worker visas. For new applications, the general salary threshold has escalated from £26,200 to £38,700 per year, while for roles on the shortage occupation list, the threshold is now set at £23,200, up from £20,960. These changes aim to better reflect the economic value of skilled workers but also impose higher costs on sponsoring employers.

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Adjustments for Existing Visa Holders

It’s crucial for employers to note that individuals extending their visas or changing employers are not subject to the new general threshold but will face a revised minimum of £29,000 annually. Moreover, for those with a Certificate of Sponsorship issued before the changes, the previous salary thresholds will still apply, provided their applications are submitted within three months.

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Revised Skilled Occupation Classifications

The revision also includes updates to the Skilled Occupation Classifications. Notably, some professions, like massage therapists, have been removed from the eligibility list for sponsorship unless applicants are extending their visas with the same employer within the UK. This reflects a shift towards prioritizing higher-skilled professions in the immigration process.


Increased Family Visa Requirements

Beyond skilled worker provisions, the minimum income requirement for family visas has also risen to £29,000 from £18,000 as of 11th April 2024, with further increases planned to align with the skilled worker threshold by next spring.

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What Employers Need to Know

The latest changes necessitate a re-evaluation of hiring strategies, particularly for new overseas recruits, due to the elevated cost implications. Employers are advised to consult immigration experts to navigate these updates effectively and ensure compliance to avoid potential visa refusals. Furthermore, they should consider internal strategies such as prioritizing retention and exploring up skilling opportunities within the existing workforce to mitigate the impact of these new requirements.


These updates mark a significant shift in the UK’s approach to immigration, underscoring the need for businesses to stay informed and adapt their recruitment practices accordingly.


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