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UK Asylum Crisis Thousands of UK Refugees to be Homelessness! UK Immigration News 2023

UK’s Asylum Backlog: Thousands of Refugees at Risk of Homelessness

There has been a huge backlog in the UK’s asylum, which has put thousands of refugees at risk of being homeless. Let’s find out more about this situation in this blog.

Alarming concerns have been raised by the British Red Cross, around 50,000 refugees may be at risk of facing homelessness by the end of 2023.

This crisis is because of the government’s promise to clear all the ‘legacy’ asylum applications made prior to 28 June 2022. According to the charity estimate, if the government is able to reach its target, around 53,100 refugees may face homelessness.


A Restricted Timeline On the Move On Process

The ‘move-on’ process of 28 days has been sped up by the Home Office. The individual, once given the refugee states, must vacate their state-sponsored accommodation for this duration. Shockingly, some refugees get only 7 days to relocate.

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Appeal From The British Red Cross

The Red Cross requested that the government think again about changes made to the time of move-on and suggest an extension of 56 days.

This will give the newly recognized refugees enough time to get housing, employment, or benefits.

The British Red Cross director for refugee support, Alex Fraser, highlights the importance of these individual’s stability and support. Many of them have already gone through traumatic experiences.

How Has These Changes Impacted?

After the alteration being made to the move-on time in August, there has been a report of a 140% surge in destitution among the refugees the British Red Cross assists.

The number went from 132 in June and July to 317 in August and September. Many areas have been affected, including the following:

  • London
  • North-west England
  • Glasgow

Raising Concerns By The Refugee Charities

Seána Roberts from the Merseyside Refugee Support Network emphasised the frustrating situation, projecting fatalities because of hypothermia and ill health.

This concern was also expressed by other refugee charities directed towards the increasing homelessness crisis.

Home Office’s Response

The Home Office said that they don’t recognise these forecasts, emphasising that the asylum application is being individually evaluated. They say that refugees must take their next step fast after the resolution of their application.

The situation showcases the need for a better and more thorough approach to asylum and refugee policies. The safety of thousands of refugees is at stake.

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