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Top Reasons for UK Skilled Worker Visa Refusal (Appeal Process & Timeline)

UK Work Visa Rejections!

In today’s blog update, we’ll tell you the reasons for the rejection of the Skilled Worker visa. So stay tuned till the end.

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Applying for a Skilled Worker visa to work in the UK involves several crucial steps and adherence to strict requirements. Unfortunately, even with a job offer and Certificate of Sponsorship from a valid UK sponsor, applicants can face rejection. Understanding the common reasons for UK Work visa rejections can significantly enhance your chances of approval.

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Common Reasons for Visa Rejection

Salary Requirements

Ensure the salary for your role meets the minimum threshold and corresponds with the ‘going rate’.

Application Errors

Double-check all entries for accuracy, ensure all questions are answered, and provide all necessary evidence in the required format.

Immigration History

Previous non-compliance with UK immigration laws may lead to doubts about your genuineness as an applicant.

Skill Level

The job must match your skill set, as UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) must be convinced you are suited for the role.

Financial Requirements

Maintain at least £1,270 in your bank account for 28 consecutive days before applying.

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Strategies to Avoid Rejection

Eligibility and Validity

Before submitting, confirm that you meet all eligibility criteria and that your application is complete.

Professional Advice

When in doubt, consult with an immigration solicitor to navigate the process smoothly and address potential issues.

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What happens If Your Application Is Rejected

Do not lose hope if your application is initially rejected. You can request an administrative review if you believe there has been a caseworker error. Alternatively, a judicial review allows for court reassessment. If these are not viable, reapplying with corrected or additional information is also an option.

Navigating the Skilled Worker visa application requires careful preparation and attention to detail. By understanding common pitfalls and how to avoid them, you can enhance your chances of securing the right to work in the UK. For those unsure of the process, seeking legal advice is highly recommended to ensure all requirements are met comprehensively.

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