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UK to Scrap the Rwanda Migrant Deportation Plan

UK to Scrap the Rwanda Migrant Deportation Plan

Welcome back to another blog update by Visa and Immigration Updates. Today’s blog update is about Keir Starmer’s Stand on Rwanda Migrant Deportation Plan. So read the full blog till the end so you don’t miss any important updates.

British Prime Minister Keir Starmer has decided to scrap the previous Conservative government’s policy to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda. This decision is welcomed by many rights advocates who believe the plan was inhumane and ineffective.

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Move Away from Gimmicks

Starmer criticized the Rwanda scheme as a “gimmick” that failed to act as a deterrent. He emphasized that the plan, inherited from the Conservative government, was problematic from the start. The scheme had declared Rwanda a safe third country, bypassing an earlier UK Supreme Court ruling that found it unlawful on human rights grounds.

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Impact on Asylum Seekers

The policy, which began detaining asylum seekers in May, was heavily pushed by then-Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. However, rights activists and critics argued that it ignored Rwanda’s own human rights issues and the dangers asylum seekers faced. Despite Sunak’s firm stance, the scheme was widely expected to fail, with less than 1% of asylum seekers actually being sent to Rwanda.

Victory for Rights Advocates

Starmer’s announcement was celebrated by rights groups. Sonya Sceats of Freedom from Torture called it a “tremendous victory” for refugees and campaigners. Agnes Callamard of Amnesty International urged the Labour government to fulfill its promise to scrap the Rwanda pact and focus on a fair and efficient asylum system.

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Future Challenges

Despite the policy’s cancellation, challenges remain. With a record number of migrants arriving in the UK, Starmer’s government must find new solutions to address the migration crisis. Tim Bale, a professor of politics, highlighted the need for alternative strategies to deal with small boats crossing the English Channel.

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Call for Global Cooperation

Rights advocates like Sceats stress the importance of global cooperation in tackling forced migration. The new government is urged to avoid externalizing refugee policy and instead focus on humane and sustainable solutions.


Starmer’s decision marks a significant shift in the UK’s approach to handling asylum seekers, promising a more compassionate and effective system.

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