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UK Prime Minister On His Immigration Plan

According to British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, migrants crossing the Channel in small boats to enter the UK have reduced by 20% because of his immigration plan. Needless to say, He believes this news will answer the criticism from his party and the rest of the country about immigration policy.



Rishi Sunak is gearing up to lead his Conservative Party in the upcoming national election next year. Earlier, he pledged to prevent illegal migrants from crossing the English Channel in small boats after becoming Prime Minister.

However, he faced criticism from his own party members and the public for not making the right moves at the right time. Many people also protested when the government decided to house hundreds of migrants in hotels following record-breaking levels of illegal migration in Britain last year.

While talking at a news conference in Southern Englan, Rishi Sunak discussed how his plan led to a 20% reduction in illegal migration in the last five months.

He mentioned his government was not complacent but would work tirelessly to ensure parliament passes a new law.

On the other hand, the Labour Party opposing Rishi Sunak thinks he has not been able to clear the backlog of thousands of asylum claims. Plus, nearly 7,600 individuals have been successful in crossing the English Channel so far this year. These figures are expected to increase during the summer.

The UK has failed to deal with the vast number of arrivals on its southern borders. Regardless, Rishi Sunak believes that making stricter immigration policies and drawing up agreements with other European nations to deal with the arrivals of illegal migrants can prove fruitful in the long run.



He stated that entering an agreement with Albania allowed the UK to return more migrants while accommodating applicants with pending immigration applications in London. Rishi Sunak also said that the government recently acquired two new vessels for migrants to get them out of hotels.

What’s interesting to note here is that Sunak also argued that the number of Albanians arriving in small boats has reduced by nearly 90% this year. Moreover, the UK is now catering to one in 50 Albanian asylum cases instead of one in five as it did previously.

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak requested parliament to pass the new illegal migration bill to ensure illegal migrants are detained and deported to their home countries or third countries, like Rwanda.

The bill has reached the upper house of parliament, where its provisions could be weakened by others.

Rishi stressed the importance of amending the law since people will keep crossing the Channel this summer, causing a problem that cannot be solved overnight.

UK Prime Minister thinks his policy is pretty simple. It gives the country and the government the right to decide who comes here instead of criminal gangs. He is willing to stop the boats by any means necessary.

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