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60 migrant workers arrested

Home Office Arrests Illegal Delivery Riders In London

According to the latest news, the authorities arrested many delivery riders because they were working illegally in the UK with fabricated documentation.




That’s right; sixty food delivery riders were arrested in London during the crackdown led by the Home Office for a week to deal with the prevailing issue of immigration offences.



These riders were apprehended between 16 and 21 April, as the police and Home Office authorities raided known hotspots of delivery drivers all over the capital city.

In case you are wondering, immigration offences include the utilization of fabricated documentation and working in the UK illegally.

Plus, authorities also seized cash and weapons suspected to be used in criminal activities.

Out of the 60 riders who were arrested, the Home Office detained 44, and now they are waiting to be deported from the UK. On the other hand, 16 of them will be released on immigration bail.

The Home Office has also claimed that some of the arrests are likely to lead to voluntary departure from the UK.

According to Home Office, immigration offences by gig economy workers in London have increased over time.

Interestingly, immigration officers gathered extensive intelligence to identify the hotspots of illegal delivery riders before raiding them.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman believes illegal employment negatively affects the local communities while keeping sincere workers from finding employment. She further added that the government is committed to protecting the country’s borders and ensuring all laws are followed by everyone.

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