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May 19, 2023

UK Visa Scam: British Men Offered £10,000 To Become Fake Fathers

According to an investigation, thousands of pounds are being offered to men in the UK to make them pose as fathers for the children of migrant women in a UK visa scam.



The investigation confirmed that men are offered nearly £10,000 to include their identity in birth certificates so that the child can obtain UK citizenship and open a pathway to residency in the UK for the mother. It seems scammers are expanding their business through Facebook and have assisted thousands of women in this manner.



Agents all over the UK who look for British men willing to become fake fathers were also unmasked in the investigation.

An undercover researcher posed as a pregnant illegal woman in the UK and ended up talking to individuals providing these services to uncover the fake father citizenship scam.

An agent offered her a full package for £11,000 and promised that he had several British men at his disposal to act as fake fathers. The agent who was part of the fake father citizenship scam claimed the process to be exceedingly simple while saying that everything would be done to ensure that the child gets a UK passport.

In case you don’t know, the existing rules clarify that if an illegal woman in the UK births a child fathered by a man holding an indefinite leave to remain or British citizenship, the baby automatically becomes British by birth. Consequently, the mother can apply for a family visa, granting her the right to remain in the UK and apply for citizenship in the future.

In light of this investigation to uncover the latest UK visa scam, the Home Office stated that using just a birth certificate as evidence of proof of paternity is not ideal. Therefore, additional evidence could be demanded to conduct a thorough verification.

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