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April 28, 2023

The UK Introduces New Measures To Prevent Illegal Migration

The latest reforms are expected to streamline the process of removing illegal migrants quickly while reinforcing safeguards for unaccompanied children.




The government recently tabled a few amendments to strengthen the Illegal Migration Bill before it goes back to Parliament. All of it will ultimately prove helpful in stopping the crossing of boats.



These amendments will eventually speed up the removal process of people who have no right to be in the country while protecting unaccompanied children who arrived in small boats through the Channel.

Plus, the amendments will ensure to consult local authorities within three months after the bill becomes law to see how it will support people entering the UK via safe and legal routes. Moreover, a report on proposed additional and current legal routes will also be published within six months after the bill becomes law.

All of these amendments will make everything easier to understand and ensure authorities are able to execute their plans to deliver safe and legal routes that follow an annual cap. Furthermore, it will help people rebuild their lives in the desired manner.

Interestingly, the UK hopes to play a vital role in protecting people who enter the country illegally. More amendments are being developed to help the UK strengthen its border security to make the system more efficient and adequately serve people who need help.

According to amendments, the UK’s domestic courts wouldn’t be allowed to interfere by applying interim measures to keep an individual from being removed if they present a legal challenge. However, this condition doesn’t apply to the narrow route available under the bill.

All challenges will be addressed remotely once the concerned individual is removed to ensure they can only go for a domestic injunction to avoid removal if they expect to experience serious and irreversible harm in the country where they’ll be relocated.

In addition to this, the amendments will allow ministers to have discretion in implementing interim measures issued by the European Court of Human Rights. They will also be able to fix specific rules to help them decide if they should comply or not. The government is also discussing reform to the Rule 39 process in Strasbourg to promote punctuality and accountability.

Other amendments include empowering immigration officers to search and seize electronic devices, such as smartphones, from migrants who enter the UK illegally. This will allow them to figure out if a person has the right to be in the UK.

Lastly, the amendments will increase protections concerning the safeguarding risk due to adults posing as children by introducing new regulations that will treat age-disputed individuals as adults, provided they don’t agree to go through a scientific age assessment.


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