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UK Immigration Update Student Visa Restrictions

No Future For UK International Students

Hello everyone, welcome back to another blog. Today we’ve got a major update for all students out there! If you’re an international student in the UK or planning to head to the UK for studies, then this article is just for you.




The UK government has just dropped a bit of a bombshell. They’ve banned student visa holders from shifting to work visas while they;re studying.


This could shake things up for a lot of you who intend to stay in the UK and find a job post-graduation.

Impact on International Students


If you’re an international student this policy change could disrupt your future plans.


Before, you could jump from a student visa to a work visa during your studies. This was sort of a stepping stone towards securing employment and eventually acquiring permanent residency in the UK.



However, This new policy could make you think twice before choosing the UK as your ideal study destination.


Unsurprisingly, there’s been quite a bit of a pushback against this decision. But, it’s just another sign of how quickly things are changing in UK immigration.

Whether you’re a prospective student or a current visa holder, it’s absolutely vital that you stay on top of these updates and plan your future pathways accordingly.


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One thought on “No Future For UK International Students


Okay then tell UK good bye don’t worry no student will come to your country after this and we know half of your economic revenue comes from students fees now after your this decision no one can go their


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